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Emergency Camping and Survival Gear |

Essential Camping and Survival Gear


Prepared&Secure is your one-stop online shop for all of the essential gear and supplies needed for any type of emergency situation. Whether you’re faced with water shortages or natural disasters, our large inventory of survival equipment and emergency food storage kits will get you through anything life throws at you.


A weather related emergency may leave you without electricity or cause flooding and damage, making your home uninhabitable. We offer a variety of must-have camping and survival gear that can help you navigate through this trying time. For shelter and warmth outdoors, we carry essentials such as tents, tarps, and sleeping bags along with survival kits for pets so your best friend can always be at your side. We also offer a selection of lighting and power supplies to light your way and if you’d rather not stumble around in the dark, we’ve got your back with backup generators.


Emergency preparedness also means having a good supply of emergency food, water, and cooking supplies. We carry emergency food storage kits and supplies such as portable stoves and fire starters to ensure you always have the option of a hot meal. An emergency kit is a fantastic way to have all of your supplies stored in one place and we offer kits designated for the home, vehicle, personal use, and even survival kits for pets.


We never know when an emergency situation may occur, so be sure to shop all of our camping and survival gear today. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for survival tips and information on keeping your family safe and secure.