Communication is Very Important During any Emergency!


Prepared and Secure offers a variety of devices and ways for you to stay in touch with authorities and loved ones during any type of emergency.   We invite you to shop for all of your communication devices today so you are not caught off guard!

Emergency whistles that emit a shrill sound can scare animals and suspicious people away or help authorities find a missing child.  They are light-weight, easy to carry and provide many practical functions in an emergency situation.  We also offer a variety of GPS and compasses that can be used during any emergency or while hiking or camping with friends and family.    Our Brunton Tagalong Zip Compass is a small, light compass that can be attached to a zipper pull so you’ll always have it handy.  Or choose our Humvee Handheld Digital Compass, a handheld digital compass that also features a thermometer, alarm clock and timer; all the functions you’ll need in an emergency situation. 

Here at Prepared and Secure, we feel having a battery or solar operated radio is a must have for any emergency or natural disaster situation.  Living in an area prone to weather emergencies necesitates also having a public alert radio, so you can stay on top of any weather or civil emergency communication received from NOAA (Weather Band) or EAS (AM and FM bands).