Cooking Supplies

Cooking Supplies and Essentials for Any Camping and Survival Gear Supply!


At Prepared&Secure, we want to be sure we’re fully prepared for any type of emergency situation and that includes being able to utilize an emergency portable stove to provide the family with hot meals. At, we offer a great selection of emergency food storage kits and cooking supplies that will give you cooking abilities outside of the kitchen whenever necessary.

Fire starters are a must-have whenever cooking outdoors, whether on a family camping trip or in an emergency situation. Once you have the fire going, you’ll need pots and pans to cook up that delicious meal. We offer a variety of cookware that can be sued on an emergency portable stove or grill top. Cook up a pot of chili in our Stanley Adventure Prep and Cook Set! This is the perfect way to bring the ease of indoor cooking outdoors. Add utensils and accessories to your camping and survival gear supply to have all the essentials and necessities that make outdoor living enjoyable.

Prepared&Secure also offers emergency food storage kits for storing leftover food and clearing up the camp grounds. Keeping food securely wrapped and stored is important and helpful for keeping animals away from the area. You’ll want to be sure you’ve provided a safe and secure area for your family not only in an emergency situation, but also if you’re on the camping trail. All of our cooking supplies will be extremely beneficial to your family in both emergency situations and vacations. Shop all of our camping and survival gear today at