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Fire Starters

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Prepared&Secure offers a variety of safe and reliable survival fire starters for your preparedness supplies. Propane and liquids can be difficult to store are also dangerous to use, especially under emergency situations where settings may not be ideal.

Fire sticks can be a reliable and safe way to start your fire. These sticks are easy to store with your outdoor survival gear and can also be great for your overnight camping supplies. Insta-Fire is without a doubt the safest and most reliable fuel and fire starter on the market, with 3 different sizes for you to choose from. These survival fire starters are made of all natural ingredients and can be used indoors in the fireplace or outdoors in a fire pit or campfire. Prepared&Secure also offers water proof matches and fire starting tools so you can start a fire easily and safely wherever you are.

Many experts believe that if a major disaster occurs we will be without electricity or natural gas for 5 months or longer and help could take days to reach all areas. Fuel is an often overlooked item when preparing for disaster, having some form of fuel with your outdoor survival gear is critical. Fuel is a must to boil water for drinking, cook your food, and provide heat. Be sure to shop all of our overnight camping supplies right here at!

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Calico Hot Shot II Lighters Adjustable flame Fuel window Longer, safer reach..
Starts fires quickly and safely. Leaves no odor and burns completely. Waterproof. Gets any ..
Made for Backpackers Fold-A-Stove Item. 24 Per Package...
Very lightweight, compact, durable stove that folds flat and is reusable Four fuel tablets included..
For those who need a reliable fire starter, Insta-Fire is without a doubt the safest and most reliab..
For those who need a reliable fire starter, Insta-Fire is without a doubt the safest and most reliab..
This Fire Starter is the perfect Survival Tool!  5400 degree flame source. One block pro..
Heat indicator. Lasts up to 2 hours. Made of Ethanol Gel. Non-toxic ethanol formula. FDA ..
Provides a hot (3,000 degree) spark in even the most severe weather conditions. Easy to use- Ju..
Box of 40 waterproof matches. Made from non toxic chemicals. Striking surface is treated with..
Approximately 25 matches per box. Unique blend of nontoxic chemicals formulated to light i..