Emergency Kits

Be Prepared with Emergency Kits for Home and Car!


Prepared and Secure offers a variety of emergency kits to help you be prepared whether you’re at home, or on the road, when a disaster strikes. 

Our emergency kits for the home are available in a variety of sizes so you can be sure to be prepared regardless of the size of your family.  We offer emergency kits for 1 person up to 8 people so you can choose the size that best suits your needs.  And don’t forget your pets when thinking about emergencies.  We offer emergency kits developed and designed just for pets.  So whether you own a cat or a dog, we have the best kit for your pet.   

Prepared and Secure wants you to be prepared on the road with a vehicle emergency kit for your vehicle.  Filled with everything you need to be prepared if caught outside your home, including energy bars, blankets, ponchos and much more, you’ll have everything you’ll need to survive any type of emergency situation.  Our one-person emergency bags are great for personal use and are available with different components so you can choose the best kit for your needs.  Or if you’d like to create or store your own emergency kit, we also offer bags and cases that will provide you with the storage that you’ll need.

Now is the time for be prepared, so you can secure your family.