Lighting & Power

Prepare for a Power Outage with Lighting and Power!


Facing a power outage is no fun but here at Prepared and Secure, we have developed a great collection of essentials that can help you be prepared for any type of prolonged lighting and power outage.  Keeping your family safe and secure is paramount during a power outage, and we offer just the gear that you’ll need.

Wearing a head light provides all the illumination most people will ever need out in the field, or for emergencies and chores around the house while keeping your hands free to perform whatever is needed.  Lightweight and practical, turn your head and the light turns with you, illuminating whatever you look at. 

For handheld devices that are great for the kids, we offer a fine selection of flashlights and light sticksBoth will help illuminate the pathway or a darkened room.  Light sticks are usually ideal for a short term lighting needs while flashlights will perform for a longer time.  Flairs can also be used to illuminate an outdoor area for hours at a time and are great for emergency use. 

The lighting and power collection here at Prepared and Secure also offers a large collection of lanterns and spotlights to help provide illumination during any type of emergency situation.  Both can provide hours of illumination and are great to have on hand for weather related outages at home.   If you’re looking for a more long term relief, check out our generators and portable energy and solar power devices.   A generator can provide long term relief and allow you to run essential items like sump pumps, AC and furnaces.  Don’t wait until you need these essentials, become Prepared and Secure now!