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Sleeps: 10 Floor Area: 159 sq. ft. Floor Size: 18 x 10 ft. Weight: 28 ..
Sleeps: 11 Floor Area: 177 sq. ft. Floor Size: 17.5 x 14 ft. Weight: 35 lbs 3 oz. Peak He..
Sleeps: 5 Floor Area: 80 sq. ft. Floor Size: 10 x 8 ft. Weight: 11 lbs..
Sleeps 2 people.  6'6" W x 5'6" D x 4' H 36 square ..
If you want to stay dry on your next trip and avoid the hassle of faulty zippers, we have the tents ..
The Cypress is a free standing 2-pole design with shock corded fiberglass poles with aluminum ferrul..
Granite Falls 4, 4-Person Tent, Rust/ClayFeatures :Free Standing 2 Pole Design with Shock..
If you're tired of getting soaked on your camping trips or always find yourself struggling with ..
The Ionosphere 2 by Snugpak is an extremely small and compact 1 person tent.Features :Tra..
The Meramac series tents are all free standing 2-pole designs with shock corded fiberglass or alumin..
Features : 7'8" x 3'8" x 51" h Sleeps 2 persons Great for b..
Sturdy “A” frame design 2 steel poles No-see-um mesh door screen Lightweight 80..
The Bunker by Snugpak is a new and exciting addition for Snugpak. The Bunker is built and designed f..
The Cave by Snugpak is a spacious and functional 4 person tent. Constructed out of the same high end..
The Zephyr model is ideal for those hot, muggy nights when you want to feel a breeze in your tent. T..