Clean, Filtered Water is Essential During a Disaster!


Prepared and Secure knows how important clean water can be during a disaster or emergency situation.  Being prepared with water storage and accessories is paramount to staying alive!  Now is the time to think about purchasing water drums, covers and even a drum storage system.   If you choose to wait until fresh, safe drinking water is unavailable, you may not be able to find the products you need. 

We also offer filtration and purification products for those that have a steady supply of water.  Filtering and purifying the water before drinking assures that you and your family are drinking safe, clean water.  You can also ensure that you have clean water by purchasing one of our pre-packaged water selections.   Available in a variety of sizes, they are ideal to have on hand for an emergency or to use while camping or hiking somewhere without access to clean water.  It’s easy to stick a pouch or two into a backpack and be on your way. 

Prepared and Secure also offers hydration packs that can be a lifesaver while away from the campsite or any time clean fresh water is needed.  You can also keep a small, compact GEIGERRIG emergency water system in your car and home that you can throw over your shoulder and take with you away from any danger. The system sprays so that you can share the water and use the water to clean wounds, hydrate and help others.